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Eurotrash - Chimptrash

Eurotrash - ChimptrashEurotrash - ChimptrashEurotrash - Chimptrash
Antoine De Caunes hosts a one-off special Eurotrash where everybody's favourite Froggy goes nuts about monkeys.

Packed with a bunch of primate related guests and stories, it's a hilarious romp in the jungle. In a special investigation Jeff Koons helps solve one of the greatest mysteries of modern times - whatever happened to Bubbles?

There's monkeying around with Bondage Queen, Dita Von tees whose cult videos are famous for featuring a gorilla and LA sex therapist Dr Susan Block reveals her teachings, which are based on the sexual behavior of Bonobo 'pygmy' chimps, the horniest chimps on earth...

Presenter:Antoine De Caunes

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